Hill Repeats for 💵

With only about two weeks left until I fly to San Francisco to start a 545-mile bike from SF to LA, I am going to make a deal for any final contributors. You have the opportunity to make me work even harder than this ride already is. On Day 3 of the ride, there is an 1-mile hill that is 1,100 feet of vertical climbing. Its name is Quadbuster. For every $500 I raise from now until May 31st, I will do a hill repeat. Meaning once I am at the top of the hill, I will go back down and climb it again. I will do this up to $1,500 which means if I raise that much more, I will be going up and down this hill four times. Now is your time to get back at me for all my posting/fundraising this past year.

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Michael Fransen @michaelfransen