Weeknotes Season 1, Episode 1



  • I ran 32.4 miles this week. This is down from my couple weeks of running 40+ miles. This reduction has allowed my shins to recover from the pain I was experiencing a few weeks ago. I did my longest run, to date, which was 16.04 miles. I had a co-worker give me some of his favorite routes to get some new ideas of where to run.
  • COVID restrictions took a toll on me this week. When outdoor dining was allowed, it was enough to make me not stir crazy. Without that, I have nothing besides indoors and exercise, and one can only exercise so much. We were lucky with the weather this weekend and were able to go to a park on Sunday. I also miss running with my friends and seeing other people. We also had to cancel a week-long trip we had to Palm Springs, which is a huge bummer. We were looking forward to seeing our friend David.
  • I spent more time researching Building a Second Brain this week. I love productivity hacks, but this one will be perfect for me, and I have already seen some of the benefits. My brain is not good at storing information but is better at learning new things and thinking, one of the foundational tenants of this methodology. I set up my Second Brain in Obsidian after considering Notion and Roam. Obsidian allows for selectively publishing notes, so I plan on publishing some of my selective thoughts/resources.


  • This week I was busy doing non-building activities, which drains my energy really fast. I put a presentation together for a project I just came off of, and it’s review time, so I had to do peer reviews. I enjoy my job so much more when I get to code/build versus hanging out in google docs. I am looking forward to this week, now that I’ve gotten over the hump with that “administration stuff.”
  • I had a co-worker go out of their way (aka, not requested) to provide feedback on me. Half of the feedback was on a project I recently came off of. This project has been the most enjoyable project I have done to date at Strava. One of the parts I have loved about the project is the stoke across the company, not just from the people building it.


  • Wes got me watching 911 Lone Star. I primarily just stay interested because there is a gay cop and firefighter on the show that are both 🔥.
  • There is a lot of information out there on Building a Second Brain, but I found this video to be very short and concise.
  • I am pretty sure I am the oldest man on TikTok. I came across a fascinating account this week. The account is of Captain Kate McCue. She is the first American female captain of a mega-ship, and I love her behind-the-scene videos of the ship. Her hairless cat does freak me out a bit, though. Check out her TikTok if you’re hip enough.
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13. I also started watching Season 2 of the UK edition after a co-worker told me how I could watch it. Speaking of which, we now have a RuPaul’s Drag Race slack channel that was created this week and has been a lot of fun so far.


  • I hadn’t been on Clubhouse since the day I got on the app, so I dropped in one night this week. I picked a hell of a night. The first was “The Future of SF.” When I dropped in, a lot of the yelling was over, but it was still pretty 🌶. It was basically a bunch of people from the Founders Fund yelling at Chelsa Boudin, the DA of San Francisco. After that conversation fizzled, I went to another room that was a response to that room hosted by people of the BIPOC community that were very hurt, understandably, from the previous room. These issues are very complex, and I don’t know where I stand entirely, but I did realize a few things from these conversations. Peter Thiel isn’t the only crazy person that is part of the Founders Fund. I learned they have a member that supports the proud boys. The second thing, you would think these people could have an intelligent argument with the DA, but nope, they just shouted angry nonsense, and they got schooled by the DA. Third, suppose you are going to have a conversation about police reform. In that case, you should probably get an audience more diverse than a few wealthy, white, severely entitled venture capitalists representing the city.
  • On my long run this weekend, I listened to Trail Running Nation again. This episode was one of the better ones. I love when they get a few coaches/pros and have a roundtable about anything and everything.


  • I am still reading A Promised Land, but Barack Obama. I really like it, but it’s very, very long. I am going to start reading a fiction book to bounce in between.

Picture from my run on Thursday

Michael Fransen @michaelfransen